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Rest assured that all our featured funeral director in our website are carefully picked & shortlisted. We do so to lighten the burden of the deceased family & offer a helping hand in finding a reputable funeral director that know and do their job well.

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Just like each of us has our strength and weakness, not all funeral director are the same. Some might specialize in a certain trait while others are jack of all trade but master of none.

We have been through and understand the trouble to search for the right funeral director while coping with the loss of your loved one. Here, we seek to help you save time and effort in getting experienced and suitable funeral directors, They will offer full or partial funeral package for your consideration.

Upon receiving your request, we will quickly shortlist suitable funeral director to connect with you within an hour OR LESS.  However, we might take longer if it is after our business hours.

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What we values

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Singapore is a first-world country with a third-world funeral industry. Why? Because deathcare or advance planning is almost unspoken in our culture. Many are caught unprepared and making unsound decision when engaging a funeral director. In additional, funeral industry in Singapore is not really regulated and often filled with agents who came to practice without prior training or experience.

Some company whom we come to know & avoid use unscrupulous means to hard sell & misled their customer to sign up expensive package in the midst of their mourning for their loved ones.

We felt such underhand method must put to an end, hence we seek to use our web platform to assist members of the deceased to look for the correct funeral director.

We put in great effort in understanding each of our feature funeral director in term of their company policy, value, commitment and most important customer review.
Though some funeral company we feature on our website may not have a strong online presence, however, we shortlisted them for their reputation, good work and commitment put into their customer.